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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

broken wings.

so i started working on the first weekend of july. i had troubles with the management to confirm my earning money days, i settled in for weekends for now. haa, not that bad i managed pretty well i guess in allocating the products only im lacking certain knowledge about cleaning products. i could do with the technical stuff more or less, the mechanic job really paid off. a one or two mishaps on my first day, take it easy mate its my first day here. i have yet to encounter troubles with customers but i hope ill be on form and consistent throughout my contract with HomeFix. oh yes.

that aside. im actually having troubles with courses/modules registration. again i must emphasize that i have myself to blame for not working my brains off. now i have to restart planning again. how can all the modules be taken up so quickly, cannot be the influx of foreign talent right. hope i can talk to Carol and hopefully something good would come up. university education especially in ntu is. really. a pain. in the.

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